What We Do

What We Do…

We promote to encourage

* Love Challenges & Love Campaigns
The iLove Now Revolution serves as a means for challenging people to become agents of love through their intentional acts of kindness. One of the most successful vehicles used to facilitate this are our Love Challenges and Love Campaigns. We motivate people, each week and monthly, through our Facebook, Twitter and website pages, to a challenge that requires an intentional act of love.

* Promotional Products
To create a constant reminder of the importance to showing love, iLove Now has designed promotional products that carry the tagline, “Show love selflessly and  intentionally today!” and the iLove Now logo and trademark.

* Launches
Conduct iLove Now Revolution launches in major cities of the United States, and galvanize persons of influence (clergy members, politicians, community activists, business owners, persons in media, etc.) to take hold of the baton (our vision) and empower their members, constituents, employees and residents to show love.  This is also where we begin the process of developing “Love Communities.” 

We educate to motivate

* Motivational Speeches
Through motivational speeches, engage and inspire audiences in schools, organizations, companies, and across industries to embrace the message of being purposeful and selfless about being kind to others, and to employ strategies to minimize the presence of hate, selfishness and violence.

* Workshops/Seminars
iLN conducts training workshops/seminars that employ methods and techniques that supports our vision of empowering individuals and groups to be agents of love who will affect change in their community and world. We provide training sessions that help to:

      • Promote self-worth and value
      • Develop and stimulate healthy relationships
      • Provide strategies for effective team building
      • Employ methods for conflict resolution
      • Encourage honor and respect
      • Motivate and inspire individuals to love unconditionally
      • Train individuals to employ loving methods to bring positive social change, and nurture a safer environment in which to live and work
      • Promote global cultural diversity (where we value and celebrate the various ways that people live and interact in the world.)

We give to make a difference

Through the means of voluntarism, sponsorship and partnership, we assist in providing help to existing community charities; implement our annual “Lunch in the Park” (feeding program to persons in need); provide “Love Shares” essential needs packages to persons in need. In addition, plans are underway to implement our “Give More, Get More” program where at-risk persons (youth and adults) give back to their community through clean-up efforts and mentorship programs.