Why & How

Why? (The Vision)
We exist to motivate and empower individuals and groups to be agents of love who will affect change in their community and the world.

How? (The Mission)
We promote  to encourage, educate to motivate, and give  to make a difference.

We bring the truth of what’s going on in our world to “your doorstep” for the expressed purpose of  underscoring the need for love.  This is accomplished through our…

  • Monthly Love Campaigns (click here)
  • Biennial Love Thrives! Community Conference
  • Giving of our time and resources to community needs (see an example by clicking Tony homeless in Washington, D.C.)
  • Seminars and workshops at educational institutions, organizations and companies
  • “Love Challenges” that encourage intentional acts of kindness (click here)
  • Motivational and empowering speeches
  • Promotional materials and brochure